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The Adriatic incentives company provides customers with tailor-made travel programs and client-first approach. Our knowledge and deep expertise of the travel industry, along with our long-lasting partners and supporting companies within our Group, position us as one of the leading travel service providers in the Dubrovnik and Croatia region. As Dubrovnik and Zagreb based company with more than a decade of experience, we have established excellent business relationships with our existing partners, and offer complete travel management throughout Croatia. Even though majority of our travel and event planning projects take place in Dubrovnik, over the years the company has grown steadily and we now offer a range of services and travel products in all parts of Croatia. 

We deliver the highest standards of travel and event planning services. Our company is represented by experienced travel professionals with over 20 years of experience in tourism and event planning. Our knowledge and rich experience, along with innovative, personalized solutions, position us the leading travel and event planning agencies. Our services include business travel, special events, conferences, incentive travel to tailor-made private travels. 


Organiziramo ekskluzivne evente prema klijentovim zahtjevima

Organiziramo poslovna putovanja u Hrvatskoj i inozemstvu prema najvišim standardima

The event solutions we create are customized to fit into the customer's specific needs and requests

Your event's success is our top priority. Our team will create unforgettable experiences and deliver great customer service in order for you to have a smooth-running event. 

We offer customized tours, activities and entertainment program, perfectly tailored to meet your expectations 

Together with our clients and partners, the Adriatic incentives team organizes and creates the following types of events:

-conferences and meetings

-special events with our sister company Modri Pjat 


-gala dinners and cocktail receptions

-executive retreats

-leisure and travel group itineraries

-business travel 

-product launches



Besides the mentioned, our sister company Adriatic Partner will plan and organize your vacation in Croatia. Our travel specialists and advisors hand – customize your Croatia travel experience, offering only the best travel products and personalized itineraries. We will plan and coordinate your entire Croatia holiday or only assist you with a single service, such as booking a beach villa or assisting you with finding a perfect day tour for your family and friends


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