Is it safe to travel?


Furthermore, it is expected that travel will slowly resume as airlines start flying again, which is not the case today, especially not in numbers up to the beginning of 2020. The latest report says that many airlines will soon resume flying to Croatia and Dubrovnik. Those will not be the numbers that we are used to in previous years, but it is expected that many airlines will start flying mid-June and the beginning of July.  Only domestic flights from Zagreb are currently running.  Experts believe we will soon welcome flights from several European capitals, such as Frankfurt and Munchen,  Vienna, and Istambul. However, as the situation is changing almost daily, we can only wait until mid-June to see how the situation is developing.  

The impact of the coronavirus is felt across the globe, from the USA to Europe and far East. It is the biggest threat the globe has faced in the last few decades. This is a fragile time full of uncertainty and changes. However, we at the Adriatic incentives believe that the travel will resume, slowly at the beginning, but it will pick up. As people get more comfortable and the virus fully weakens, travel will fully resume. 

Meantime, Croatia awaits you with all its splendor: more than a thousand islands, private and quiet villages, and beach destinations, out of this world nature and crystal-clear Adriatic waters. 

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