CIT magazine predicts the future of incentive travel


Many travelers around the world are feeling the effects of the COVID 19 virus and many restrictions that have been set in order to prevent further spread of the virus.  Some of the restrictions have included:  closing of numerous borders, flights cancellations, full lockdowns and quarantines. This has significantly influenced travel and tourism industry which led to numerous cancellations and almost complete ban of travel.

How will the new post corona travel look like?  What about incentive travel and all other event related travel? The prestigious CIT magazine just recently shared the article titled ‘5 predictions for the future of incentive travel’ in which the future of incentive travel is predicted.


Here at the Adriatic incentives, we believe predictions are never easy, especially in this, post – corona era, but we tend to agree with many thoughts and observations by the CIT magazine. The main highlights of the article and future predictions are: ‘1. Giving back, 2. Video conferencing on the rise, 3. Rise in the use of travel as motivational tool, 4. Closer to home, 5. Focus on wellbeing’.

Even though we agree with many of the thoughts and observations shared in the article, however, we believe that uncertainty and vagueness is ahead of us.  Travel and the future will primarily depend on the virus and its spread. It yet remains to be seen if the virus will fully weaken, consequently resulting in world slowly getting back to business and regular living as we’re used to. However, this will not happen overnight and some time will pass until travel fully resumes and people become less worried about life and spread of disease.  We will the situation as it changes over the coming weeks and months.

We’d love to hear your inputs, thoughts and observations. Feel free to share them with us. Will the incentive travel resume? In which shape? Will it take place more closer to home of attendees, or?

CIT's article may be found at the following link

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