What we offer

Event management

Every event is different and unique, requiring special attention and careful event planning. Every client is different, therefore every even requires special approach and vision. Therefore, we work carefully to assist you with designing the event that will best fit your needs and expectations. We will provide event design from the beginning till the end, regardless of the occasion and your needs. Whenever we plan and organize a special event, we always take several factors into consideration: goals and objectives, vision and creativity, cost and pricing as last but not least, the wow factor. To ensure the wow factor is our number one goal that we as the agency strive to and make sure to secure it.

We will assist you with design and planning of all kinds of special events: product launches, press events, roadshows, fashion events and other types of special events.  From small to large scale events, our aim is to make the event process simple, yet exciting and memorable, always keeping the focus on the end goal.  

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