Signature Incentive Ventures in Dubrovnik


Get inspired by an adventure & intrigue.  Create lifelong memories and embark on a special journey on your tailor made incentive trip in Dubrovnik, a UNESCO heritage sensation and one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities.

Dubrovnik has recently re-emerged in a popular media as a filming location for many productions, including the Star Wars movie and King's Landing in the Game of Thrones filming series.

We bring you the best collection ideas of 1-day and half-day incentive programs:

Authentic Experiences Collection

  • Historic Merchant Ship Elaphiti Island Cruise:

Sail into the 16th century, discover the charms of Karaka, a magnificent replica of the old merchant ship of the old Dubrovnik Republic.  Getting a tast of the couisine while sailing through the 16th century pictoresque villages within the Elaphiti Islands add to the whole authentic experience.

The Film Making Location Tours Collection

  • Game of Thrones City Walking Trip

The UNESCO city center sites depicting the famous King's Landing are worth exploring the streets and corners which tell stories of intrigue and treachery. 

Wine & Dine Collection

  • Pelješac and Korčula Wine Tasting:

Take a trip to a nearby Korčula, a birthplace of Marco Polo, and Pelješac peninsula near Dubrovnik to taste exceptional croatian food and wine!

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