Glorious Sips & Sunset Voyage


Intimate and authentic takes on a whole different meaning when it comes to some of the finest sensory experience of tasting wine with the Adriatic Incentives.  Our secret in delivering magic is in magnificent Dubrovnik and our preservance of the unique character of our parnter events.

We bring you a run through of our most recent wine tasting, organized in a collaboration with our friends from Wines and Enosophia, the two upcoming brand labels from Slavonia region, characteristic for rich, creamy and tangy wines.

Setting the Stage

Our idea of being dazzled with the sounds, sights and flavors has long left the concept of the barrel-filled tasting rooms.  Instead, we at Adriatic Incentives take you on Karaka,  a 16th century replica of a merchant ship used during the Republic Ragusa, an aristocratic maritime republic centered in the city of Dubrovnik.  Karaka is one of our brands within our product portfolio and represents a true swashbuckling buccaneer type of Renaissance extravaganza.  This memorable sunset voyage cobines the mesmerizing sights of crystal clear Adriatic with the magnificent views of the medieval city walls and forts.

…And We Tasted…

During a romantic voyage on the Karaka, a representative of the Wines winery, sommelier Kruno Jurić, presented their most remarkable labels: Black Belt Grand Master (black cuvee), Patriot white, red and sparkling wine,  Branko Cikatić white and red wine and Laureatus. Wine tasting on a behalf of the Enosophia winery brands was led by sommelier Hrvoje Sarić.  Presented wines included Trs No 5, Rose Mataruge and sparkling wine Nice To See you.


Martial Arts & Wine

Wines Winery is a young winery from a town of Našice, with an annual production of 80,000 bottles. What makes this winery unique is the fact that it's the only winery in the world that talks about martial arts. Enosophia is another newcomer within wine brands.  It comes from Feričanci and so far it's building its recognition based on Feravino wine brand. This winery aspires to elevate the quality of wine as a product and further position Slavonia as a region that offers multi-faced wine experiences such as visiting local wineries and buying local wine.   

This event was accompanied by renown sommeliers, restaurant / bar owners and professionals.  The appreciation of wine and gastronomy is what this group has in common. 


Your Exclusive Event

Whichever vision you have of you business event, we will preserve it’s unique character, while ensuring that we deliver the originality and quality.  Sit back, supervise the planning process and enjoy the end result: your business event will be remembered by your clients for long.

Please reach out to us directly for a personalized booking service of your tailor-made business event on the memorable Karaka Boat at + 385 913581888 or

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