Dubrovnik Incentives for Business & Leisure


Providing memorable, splendid and seamless incentive travel experience is what we are known for at the Adriatic Incentives.  Dubrovnik is one of our cherry-picked destinations in Croatia.  It is a place on every travel agent's wish list as it embodies a rich cultural heritage and beaufiful scenery with modern conference infrastructure.  Splendid venues scattered throughout this hidden gem of the town tells a story of what it was like to live in a mighty Republic during the Renesaince period.  Imposing palaces, decorous baroque churces stand as a testament of past times while providing a specific kind of charm and splendour. 


Individuality & Magnificance

A popularily called Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is the embodiment of both modern lifestyle and rich cultural heritage. 

From our experience in Adriatic Incentives, many partner event organizers appreciate the possibility to use superb conference and accommodation facilities as well as to offer a possibility of clients savoring the flavors of captivating cuisine in some of the most disticnt venues.  The magic of this seamless service relies on a whole set of our tailor-made partnerships that combine the mastery of skill, service over-delivery, captivating cuisine and stunning venues of historical sites such as Lovrijenac and Revelin Fortresses, Sponza and Rector's Palaces and Orsula Amphiteater.  We have been polishing this service craft for many years and have found a reliable partner in Modri Pjat, a professional caterer, widely recognized in Dubrovnik and Croatia for its exquisite, yet personal service.


Natural & Pure

In addition to the specific cultural blend flashing with spectacular charm, magnificence, superb accommodation and excellent gastronomy, Dubrovnik is full of natural attractions as well. 

An easily accessible Mt Srđ extends a priceless view of the panorama overlooking the town and the Adriatic, while pristine beaches, surrounding islands and islets offer an escape route for a lifetime adventure of getting lost on a yacht during an incentive trip. 


Business Appeal

Dubrovnik's conference and incentive industry has had roots stemming back to the laste 19th century, when the first international conference was held in Dubrovnik. Since the early 1970s hotel with first-rate conference facilities were increasingly being built. 

Nowdays, with 45 hotels in total, out of which 12 have 5-star ratings, Dubrovnik has turned into a business powerhouse on an international scale.  Adriatic Incentives has been cultivating great business relationships with all of Dubrovnik's independent hotels and hotel groups.


Plan with Confidence

Whichever variant of the customized incentive event you opt for, we will preserve your event’s unique character, while ensuring that we deliver the originality and quality.  Sit back, supervise the planning process and enjoy the end result: the incentive program you and your team will remember for long.  Please reach out to us directly for a personalized booking service of your tailor made sailing event at + 385 913581888 or info@adriaticincentives.com .

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