3 Unsurpassable Event Concepts


Get a fresh start and plan your new business venture with Adriatic Incentives in sunny Croatia. We bring you three crisp ideas for your tailor-made incentive event in the upcoming spring season: 1. cruise on a historical merchant ship, 2. catering service by one of the finest & most reputable professionals in Croatia and 3. unforgettable mingling at an observation deck overlooking the medieval city walls of UNESCO’s heritage town of Dubrovnik.

In addition to organizing seamless events, Adriatic Incentives generates magic through our signature setups that blend the cultural heritage with natural beauty of a destination.


1. Cruise on a 16th Century Merchant Ship

Steal the show and pull one of the hat for your clients by throwing a swashbuckling buccaneer type of Renaissance extravaganza.  Sail into the 16th century and board your party to Karaka, the replica of a merchant ship used during the Republic of Ragusa.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery while savoring culinary delicacies served during your gala dinner as you head to Trsteno, a charming little port located near Dubrovnik.  You will be accompanied by sights of the magnificent medieval city walls and Revelin fort known for defending Dubrovnik from the Ottomans.  Stunning islands in the crystal Adriatic only add to the overall charm.  At some point tell your clients that this was not a part of the movie set, just a way of mixing business with leisure and pleasure in the Croatian Adriatic.  

2. Hands-On Culinary Expertise

Come for the view and stay for the adventure of a lifetime is Adriatic Incentives’ promise to you.  Part of our secret formula in providing a splendid incentive travel expertise has to do with our long-term partnerships with some of the top meeting industry catering providers in Croatia.  Modri Pjat caterers have what it takes for creating remarkable memories.  In addition to a well-earned reputation for providing a seamless service for high-profile partners such as Airbus, Bayer, Diners Club, IBM, L’ Oreal and Mastercard, Modri Pjat cultivates a peculiar approach.  Their staff is on a mission to intrigue, enthrall and captivate on a daily basis by transmitting love for creating and sharing their culinary magic at some of the most distinctive and attractive locations in Dubrovnik such as Lovrijenac Fortress, Sponza and Rector palaces, Revelin Fortress and Orsula Amphitheater.  Each one of these locations has a unique character and is a crucial component in delivering the authenticity to your event.


3. Observation Deck Overlooking the Medieval City

For the ultimate experience in organizing a memorable event, gala or a business dinner, get to the Višnjica point, an integral part of the Park Orsula.  Adriatic Incentives delivers this magical setup at the remarkable steep rock peak by utilizing a 4-season type of a tent that sustains a wide range of weathering conditions, namely wind and rain.

The tent’s maximum size is 12,5 by 30 meters and is convertible to multiple smaller size configurations.  Its modular structure allows for a quick and efficient assembly.  Losberger de Boer, the producer has sustained a tradition longer than 100 years in delivering high-quality temporary and permanent space solutions for commercial or public events.  Picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to proving these kinds of mesmerizing views of the Old Town of Dubrovnik.


Plan with Confidence

Whichever variant of the incentive idea you opt for, we will preserve your event’s unique character, while ensuring that we deliver the originality and quality.  Sit back, supervise the planning process and enjoy the end result: the incentive program you and your team will remember for long.  Please reach out to us directly for a personalized booking service of your tailor-made spring event at + 385 913581888 or info@adriaticincentives.com.

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