1244 Possibilities for a Lifetime Adventure


Re-motivate your team and strenghten your working relationships by echoing the idea of an organized corporate sailing trip.  Let us show you the exploratory and adventurous possibilities for your incentive or a team building event.

Exploring the Croatian Adriatic has been every sailor's dream.  Bold, rocky with crystal clear waters, the 6278 km of the croatian coast is a home of 1244 islands, islets, rocks and reefs forming a stunning archipelago.    

Whether for moving under the full sail, motorboat crusing or simple recreational fishing in small boat, your unmatched experience is guaranteed.  Your trip is safe, thanks to Croatia's great supporting infrastructure: modern marinas and a long tradition of renting yachts, hiring and training professional skippers.


Magnificent Ways to Get Lost

Your team will be enticed with hopping from an island to another island of unforgettable National Park of Kornati islands, enjoying the underwater fishing near Hvar or visiting the remarkable lighthouse of Palagruža, the most remote Croatian island.

Bay Shelters for a Perfect Team Building

Scouting out to the uninhabited bays of the Adriatic and anchoring the boat where Roman and Greek galleys used to tie their vessels over thousands of years ago has its special charms too.  Let your team experience the oasis of tranquility and natural beauty, feeling as if it has excaped the civilization.    It's often the special setting that does the magic trick.


Easy-Going Sailing Event

A leisurly variant of a corporate sail has become increasingly popular, as many don't have any previous sailing experience.  Your designated skipper will provide your team members with a safety orientation and engage them by participation in the sailing protocols.  This has appeared to be a great technique for bonding with the crew members and each other. 


Plan with Confidence

Whichever variant of the customized sailing event you opt for, we will preserve your event’s unique character, while ensuring that we deliver the originality and quality.  In terms of the logistics, we cover all components of your tailor made trip: lunch stop-overs at the specific island points, docking at marinas, skipper services etc.

Please reach out to us directly for a personalized booking service of your tailor made sailing event at + 385 913581888 or info@adriaticincentives.com

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